Saturday 2 April 2011

Opal Lichens Settle

I ran a lichens morning for Craven Conservation Group today (2nd April). After saying for a year "We must record some trees for the Opal Lichens Survey" we finally did it! and I have data for two more trees to enter... Which will show that we have nitrogenous pollution here

 Here is some Xanthoria parietina - which likes high nutrients - sometimes called Bird-perch lichen

 The lichens "walk" appeared in the Flowers of the Dales booklet and four people came as a result of that, including one man from near Burnley. One lady came as a result of my "Events emails" - and the others three were Craven  Conservation Group people.

I had asked permission from the Settle Middle School to use their edge land and trees, which was given (apart from the steep slopes and the nature area). The walls turned out to be interesting because they are built out of a variety of stone.- the side of the valley are carboniferous limestone, but the soil in the floor is made from glacial deposits and then alluvial deposits and the glacier cut through a who variety of rocks.

 On the acid greywacke/slate there was Map lichen (Rhizocarpon geographicum) -flourescent yellow green with a black margin. On the grit there was Candelariella vitellina  a conglomeration of orange blobs with orange apothecia.
On the limestone were huge white patches of Aspicillia calcarea and small black patches of Verrucaria nigrescens and orange patches of Caloplaca flavescens 

When we returned to the trees near the car park and school the buds were unfolding... it seemed some had opened in the two hours we had been away from them.
This branch had a good variety of lichens. If you click on the picture below you will get an enlarged view.
From left to right
Melanelixia (I think) -dark khaki green
Physcia tenella (tiny grey but leafy, with eyelash extensions underneath)
Xanthoria parietina (yellow)
More bits of Physcia
Parmelia saxatile (blue grey, leafy, )
Leconora chlarotera (grey crustose with pinkish apothecia) - far right.

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