Saturday 7 May 2011

£1 a day for food

So how is my living off £1-00 a day for food going?
Here is the food I bought for five days:-

2   500g bag lentils at £1-00 each
1  750g packet quick oat porridge at 95p
1   2.5 kilo packet potatoes at £1-00
portion of butter                         £0.30
2 tblspoons brown sugar             0.10
portion of salt                             0.10
1/20th bottle Cool Earth coffee    0.15
portion of nutmeg                        0.10
portion of barbecue flavouring       .10
1/2 a fudge bar given to me            .15
2 cups of tea given to me  friends   .10
1 slice white bread given                .10
Total: -                                        £5-15 - (but I will have some oats left over and maybe some potatoes)

Good Points:

I find I am saving time by not nipping down to the Coop garage or Booths in the evening to see if there are any bargains for sale.

There is much less washing up than usual.

I abandoned using the nutmeg flavouring for the porridge after the first day - I didn't like it.

The butter and the salt even though in small quantities make the microwaved potatoes delicious.

The barbecue flavouring was good but finished quickly.

I still haven't been out to collect leaves of ground elder to boil.. I really ought to....

I quite enjoy the "homeopathic" coffee - about 8 grains of coffee per mug of hot water.

Bad points:-

I did not wash the lentils as was written on the package the first two days. and although I scrub the potatoes I wonder if there are chemicals left on them - they are not organic. - If I had this diet for four weeks on the go I would wonder if I was getting pesticide chemicals from the food and would be be missing my "Five veg" a day, and wonder about my calcium intake.

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