Saturday 28 January 2012

Settle Churches CTISAD Barn dance 2012

The LOAF Display was put on the wall in time for the Barn dance.
 On Sat 20 Jan Churches Together had a barn dance and meal.

This time the dance was just in aid of Churches Together,  not half in aid of the rainforest as last year.
However I sold £16.50 worth of cards - See the display on the table.
People did not notice the LOAF posters much either - too busy dancing and eating - but it gave me all the more incentive therefore to draw people's attention to it - and I kept asking if people knew of local products - it really is quite hard to find many.

We danced..
To the music of the piano accordion

Only watch this video if you really want to .. 
It will probably make you a bit dizzy ;)

Book your ticket for our next barn dance.

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