Tuesday 16 October 2012

Tea and Tales with Bill Mitchell and Liz Weir -14 Oct

Tea and Tales with Bill Mitchell and Liz Weir was held on the Sunday afternoon 14 Oct 2012 in the church hall. 
Here is Bill Mitchell, the day before his Tea and Tales event,  guest speaker at so many events - doing his local shopping at Booths,
on the Saturday- visiting the NSPCC stall.
Bill Mitchell, now on stage at St John's Hall -  telling tales of the Dales

PhotographerTony Crossland takes photographs with his big camera -
you can see them here

but I manage ok with my little one. Here is Bill - recounting tales of
Local Preachers  - such as Rex Ambler


Liz Weir - real conversational style - and humour.

I rearranged the loaf display on the wall two days before Settle Stories.
I do wish other people would write suggestions down next to Local Products. Still the display looked good in the background see left below

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