Saturday 16 February 2013

Ingleton Churchyard Mosses - Beginners workshop

Ingleton churchyard
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See pictures of workshop at Giggleswick 2 Feb)

Go to  report and pictures of this Ingleton workshop advertised below on 23 Feb)

Beginners Workshop 
All  Welcome

Sat 23 Feb 2013 - 10am - 1pm
(£20-00 (£5-00 concess - applies to nearly everyone) towards coffee and handouts and church heating) 

"How many bryophytes (mosses and liverworts) are there in the world?   ---20,000
Number of Bryophytes in England?  Just under 1000 in England,

Number of Bryophytes in Britain? Just over 1000

There are 633 in our Vice-county - VC64 - i.e. the fifth of Yorkshire from Ripon to Leeds to Burton in Lonsdale - including 467 mosses and 166 liverworts.

On a weeks “Learning mosses course at Malham Tarn” 200-250 bryophytes might be found (compared with just over 300 in the same time in Scotland.)
Number of Bryophytes in Ingleton Churchyard?: 32 so far. (and counting…) This booklet describes the 16 “easiest” / most striking of them."
Thus starts the first page my booklet for the Beginners Mosses workshop at Ingleton

Then there are pictures and easy diagrams - I'll give a few here.

We had 20 people at the Giggleswick churchyard workshop two weeks ago (Plus myself and Mike as leaders) . Let's hope for a good turnout this weekend. So far there are 11 booked in - so we still have some space....

..On the left is a model of Bifid Crestwort (Lophocolea bidentata) I made, and a quick sketch on the right.  From above (top) you can see their are two rows of leaves, inserted obliquely. The lower view of the model is from below - you can see it has underleaves.                                                                   And below is a snap of this tiny plant - leaves are about 1.5 mm long...                                                                                             Next job is to get a better photo.

Lophocolea bidentata  (need to take a better picture on Saturday)

This is allegedly Britain's commonest leafy liverwort - so a useful one to learn.

Another fairly common moss that we will look for is Mouse-tail Moss. (Isothecium myosuroides) this grows at the foot of tree trunks:- 
Is this it?

Yes it is.

Mouse-tail Moss: Isothecium myosuroides

.Everyone enjoyed the workshop at Giggleswick a fortnight ago.. I'm sure you'll enjoy it at Ingleton - Do come.

Please book (even if only the evening before) so that I can bring enough handouts and hand lenses.

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