Wednesday 9 April 2014

Lichens: Beginners Workshop 24 May Ingleton N Yorks

Ingleton Overground Underground Festival 2014: 24-26 May:

Discover the Secret World of Lichens

Beginners’ Workshop at
Ingleton Churchyard
10am-12pm Sat 24 May

Lichens under a hand lens: see the beautiful shapes and colours.

Join Judith Allinson

of Craven Conservation Group: First, for an indoor session in St Mary’s Church-room, introducing the structure of lichens and showing some lichens brought in on twigs. Second, for a walk to test the newly written Lichen Trail around the churchyard. Hand lenses provided. Learn tips to help you identify different species. Cost: £5-00 (includes coffee/tea and hand-outs)

Booking necessary: 01729 822138

A poem on the web about lichens

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