Sunday 25 March 2018

Settle Passion Play 2018

Settle Passion Play: The Journey to the Cross
Settle, North Yorkshire  - held on 30 March 2018
Join us as we walk from the Last Supper in the Upper Room (St John's) .. through Settle to the Mount of Olives.
The Cast

Jesus washes the disciples feet and Peter protests.
Jesus leads the disciples and the audience in a song
(A psalm that people may have sung at the Feast of the Passover)

The disciples enter the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus asks his disciples to wait for him whilst he prays.

The disciples sleep whilst Jesus prays

Judas and the Temple guards arrive and arrest Jesus.
The disciples flee in panic

A serving girl asks Peter if he know Jesus -
Peter denies knowing Jesus -  the first time.

Jesus at the Court of the High  Priest (Caiaphas, in the background).
Jesus is looking up (to the platform on the Shambles)  to Pilate.

Pilate washes his hands, saying
 “In your hands I place
the responsibility for his death”.


Centurion acknowledges: “This was the Son of God”

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On Sunday 1st April all are welcome at one of my favourite services of the year - 6.30am "Dawn" service - this year held in Millennium Garden, near Booths - when we celebrate  discovering the empty tomb. .. followed by breakfast at the Quaker Meeting House.
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