Friday 10 April 2009

Settle's Answer to Oberammergau

The topic of our local Passion Play at Settle is stretching the topic of this blog a little but there are links:

  1. We used as our robing room St John's Church Hall which house the Rainforest Fund display board (and someone did ask me how we did at the Coffee Morning)
  2. People all over the world, including near rainforests, have special Good Friday events
  3. Sean McDonagh has produced a powerful piece of writing and slide set Stations of the Forest based on Stations of the Cross. (If you live locally I can lend you the slides) - about loss of tropical forest.
  4. There are other people who have lost their lives through working to try and save habitats.

1. Barabas asks why was Jesus crucified when he should have been.
2. Walking up Kirkgate
3. Jesus washes the disciples feet
4. The last supper - outside the Catholic church.

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