Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Tuesday 8 April

Last year in February we raised £80-00 at the Church Coffee Morning for the Rainforest. This year we raised £172!! - Double! - Plus a friend came and donated an extra £50 for his own acre -

Left shows a dog's eye view of the coffee morning. And right, a hopeful hound.

A big thanks to all who came. The total of £172 included £34 from sale of my cards including £20 to one person, and a £20 donation.
Hilary Briggs and C. who served the teas both had a display of the cards they make, including Easter Cards, and apple pies that Hilary made with the last of her store of 2008 apples.

We were lucky - the Craven Herald had managed an article last Thursday on our event.

I went round Settle at 9.30am and gave leaflets to people I knew and asked several shops and market stalls to display the leaflets. - "Where is the church?" asked someone in Age Concern- That was a good point - if we want toursits/daytrippers to come we need to make it easier for them - "It's the church under the railway bridge past the petrol station just north of the market" - I shall have to put that on posters in the future. the picture on the left shows two ladies in the foreground looking at the greeting cards.

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