Wednesday 5 December 2012

Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning, Cards and Posada

Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning on 4 Dec 2012 Picture 1
On 4 Dec we held our Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning. There is a coffee morning every Tuesday and the first Tuesday of the month the money usually goes to a charity. Today it was for the Rainforest fund.

I got up early to put the cards on display, to hang some balloons outside the church and to put some extra leaflets round town.

33 people came, including the five people running the coffee morning. Most were regulars, but my email invitations resulted in one extra person, and my walking round town with leaflets resulted in one extra person. We also gained a family of three who had by chance just parked outside and so came in. Otherwise it was the regulars plus a few sightly less regulars.

Thank you everyone for coming.
We took £55 for the coffee and  sold £25-50 of cards.
Thank you to the different volunteers who run the coffee morning week after week.
Posada - Figures from the Nativity - resting in front of cards 
which are on sale in aid of Rainforest Fund. 
Notice also Mountain Gorilla on right
We have a nativity scene which is passed from on member of congregation to another during advent - I was to have it after the coffee morning. - I left them for a while in front of the Rainforest Cards. On the right you can see the black Mountain gorilla. It is a toy, whose eyes light up when you squeeze its hand. It makes gorilla sounds and there is tropical forest birdsong in the background. Mountain gorillas are under threat.- it looked so lonely there by itself.

Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning on 4 Dec 2012 Picture 2

Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning on 4 Dec 2012 Picture 3

Wall display about Korup rainforest in Cameroon

Display of Christian Ecology Link Leaflets


 In the church we have set up a Jesse Tree:-  with symbols to represent the different prophets. Symbols will be added during Lent.
Jesse Tree in Church on 4 Dec

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john garth raubenheimer said...

Well done Judith! Well done to everybody. Coffee mornings like this in communities world-wide could save swathes of forest...