Tuesday 1 December 2015

Xanthoria parietina - Bird-Perch Lichen - Orange Wall Lichen

 Learn your lichens 5.

Learn your Lichens Series
1. Arthonia radiata
5. Xanthoria parietina

Xanthoria parietina:  big, bright, bold and beautiful, and grows on the branches of so many trees and walls in Settle.

The name Xanthoria comes from 'xanthos', a Greek word meaning yellow

parietina means "on walls" - though, as you will see below, it grows on branches and metal bridge rails too.

For years I have called it Bird-perch Lichen because is grows where there is abundant nitrogen fertilizer - e.g. where there are bird droppings.

However it has many different English names including Maritime Sunburst Lichen as it grows on rocks in the spray zone.

It is indicates there are nitrogen compounds in the air, landing on the tree branches.

Here it is on the branches at the beginning of Watery Lane near Limestone View on 26 Oct 2015

It is a foliose lichen with orange apothecia

On 20 November we had lots of rain, and river flooding. I went to Penny Bridge near the water level recording station. There was lots of Xanthoria parietina on the tree branches

 It was also growing on the metalwork on both sides of the bridge

It looks a lot greener when it is wet.

I have recorded it  elsewhere in this blog

Go out and have a look for some today!

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