Monday 22 April 2013

Easter Day Dawn and Sunday Service - 31 March 2013 Settle - and heron on Ribble

Easter sunday 31 March 2013. Dawn Service at 5.30am

This year we sang to taped music - but Keith is still there!

Breakfast at the Friends' Meeting House

Althea and I then had three hours to fill in till the service at 10.30 at S tJohn's -
so we went for a walk by the Ribble

Heron stretches his/her neck

See Giggleswick School Chapel in the distance - then below using telephoto zoom

Same place, view along the footpath by the Ribble

Decorating the cross at St John's

Searching for Easter eggs outside the church during the sermon

Found one

Best Easter bonnets

Happy Easter Everyone. and Happy 2013.

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