Tuesday 9 April 2013

Frullania dilatata - Dilated Scalewort in Ingleton churchyard

Only two liverworts have been found (so far) in the churchyard, and this has only been seen in one place - on this tree. (The other liverwort, Lophocolea bidentata, grows on the ground next to the west side of the west tower, and in several other places - )

The Frullania dilatata is reddish brown and is just below the black arrow

This is a close up of the plant on the ash tree above.

Upper drawing: Shoot from above

Lower drawing: Shoot from below. See the 
helmet shaped lobes on the underside of the leaves

Here is a piece of the same Frullania dilatata under the microscope
This is distinguished from other species of Frullania because the helmet shaped lobes are as wide as they are long (whereas other species the helmet shaped lobes (or lobules) are narrower than they are long).

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