Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Annual Austwick Parish Church Primrose Walk

Here are some pictures of the annual walk on 10th May 2015.
People of Austwick were joined by others from Keasden and Newby and by a big group from St John's Church, Bowling in Bradford. Revd Ian Greenhalgh led the 4 mile walk and another group followed a 2 mile route.

Two days later a campaign was set up by nature conservation organisations to support the EU Nature laws (Habitats directive) which protect such areas. There are moves by developers to weaken such laws.
Please support the petition which to protect the EU Habitats Law which enables habitats such as the Ingleborough complex including the woods near Austwick to be protected.  See www.rspb.org.uk/joinandhelp/campaignwithus/defendnature/


Wood Anemones


Rest at an area called "The Two Nicks" - with Pen y Ghent in the background

Welcome tea

Wending our way home to Austwick

Why not join us for the Lambing Service at Wenningside Farm Between Clapham Station and Keasden on Sunday 24 May?

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