Sunday 6 December 2015

Pictures of Rainforest Fund Coffee Morning - Our Last coffee morning in the old foyer 1 Dec 2015

Thanks to all who made the coffee morning a success:

We raised  £125 - which this time will go to A Rocha International for work in Ghana (Savannah forest) and/or Kenya -  (This includes some sales from photo greetings cards that day too)
The first Tuesday of the month the coffee morning money goes to charity - click on the image on the right for a larger image to see what was raised in 2013-2014 ( The four larger amounts had church collections as well).
Thanks this Tuesday to:
To Christine and Philip who made flapjacks and tray-bakes and served the coffee
To Lesley who baked some scones
To Joan (Line Dancing) who gave me some cakes, and her sister from whom I bought a Christmas cake at Victoria Hall, and the man on the market from whom I bought some Wensleydale cheese to go with the cake
to the regulars who supported it (who may have taken their own photos on mobile phones) .
including regulars from from Hellifield - J.L and M. S
To Anne Martin who put up the banner at the back with pledges/donations towards the new church

People above:
LtR: ?, Fig(the dog), Mike, Jean, Wendy, Stephen D, ?, Clive, ?, John, Rita, Chris

Richard Pike (right) with friends Alan and ........

Above: On the table are my Rainforest cards for sale, displayed on tie-dye cloths from Sierra Leone.

Stephen Dawson - priest at the local Anglican churches - a former Methodist who has played the piano and organ here before.. has a yellow jacket from taking Althea to the Anglican Christmas lunch next door.

The two gentlemen (I think) are local visitors keen to visit the church before it closes. I take one for a quick tour of the church, including to see the fine "Loo" behind the minister's vestry.

There are many stories behind the above picture:
1. The banner was made by people on the church for the centenary 22 years ago. - Click on the picture to see it larger.
2. The flowers may have been prepared by Anne Gorner  who operates the flower rota week after  week - I need to find out if she prepared them that week., or if not , who.
3. Poster: Half the world's Primates are under threat of extinction.
4. The Gorilla I am holding will make a gorilla sound when I squeeze its hand
4. I had just learned how to buy a stock photo over the internet so that I could legally use the poster I had made on posts in Settle and tweeting it on the internet
5. I had bought the laminater a year ago (it will also do A3 ones) - though making laminated posters is rather an ungreen thing to do
6. I made the green kaftan type shirt "n" years ago from material I had bought in Sierra Leone.
7. It was my grandmother who knit the red waistcoat I am wearing,

See some of the cards:

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