Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Lichens at Lofthouse - workshop and walk for absolute beginners

Nidderdale Moorland Festival Event - Sun 8 Oct
Lichens workshop for beginners run by Judith Allinson

This post is about the exploratory day I made before the event.
TO read the report of the event with pictures Click here

Please Book and meet at Lofthouse Memorial Hall,
Grid Ref: 

(See provisional programme and more pictures here)

If you know nothing about lichens or only a teeny weeny bit, then this day is for you!!!

Look around yourself on your walks in the countryside.

Would you like to be able to notice and understand more about the beautiful patterns and colours of lichens growing on the rocks and walls and tree bark?

Come on this rare opportunity to have tuition with other complete and near beginners in this topic. Have a fun day out.

And at the end of the day you will know more than 90% of the people in the  UK about lichens.

Please book for this event as places are limited.  Only £5-00

The workshop includes tea and coffee, and handouts.
Hand-lenses can be borrowed on the day
Please bring strong foot wear and waterproofs. However a significant part of the day will be in the hall.

Judith writes:-
I went on a short walk in September to explore the village - at the foot of the Côte de Lofthouse (Steep road going up over the moor towards Masham, used in the April 2017 Tour de Yorkshire)

Just to the top right of the metal Lofthouse sign is a yellow green lichen. A closeup follows:

This lichen looks like Rhizocarpon geographicum -
 It is not the same colour as the mint ice cream I bought from the farm below.. We'll check on the day.

This is Meadowbank Farm, at the bottom of the hill. The ice-cream is made on the farm
Hypogymnia- a foloiose lichen

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