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Steps to Greenness at Lambeth Palace Garden

16 October 2017  (This follows on from the main Lambeth Palace Garden Blog post)
(This post may get slightly extended. The Church Times, ten years after its first set of awards, had organised the Church Times Green Church Awards, and had invited the shortlisted church groups and people to the presentation ceremony at Lambeth Palace on 16 October. I had been shortlisted, along with four other people for the Green Champion award. There were also four other categories for church groups)

Step in

Step up

Step out - Steps for toads and other wildlife to leave the pond.

A single step - a swing..

Steps - under the orange sky of 16 October, as Storm Ophelia brings dust from the Sahara and from fires in Portugal across Britain... and it starts to get darker and darker...

Bishop Holtam's talk preceded the arrival of the orange clouds by two hours:- 
"Any particular storm cannot be blamed on human made global warming, but the increased incidence of intense weather events is almost certainly caused by human activity consuming fossil fuels laid down that took millions of years to lay down in the ground .. to release energy into a finely balanced environment that has supported and sustained our lives."

Houses of Parliament in the distance.

Steps for mounting your horse.

Step to leave

Oh yes, and the reason we're here..

Using the steps for our photo:-

Celebrating Care of Creation Activities .. on the steps of the Palace

It's the Church Times Green Church Awards Ceremony 
on 16 Oct 2017 
with Bishop Nick Holtam of Salisbury in the centre
Short listed groups and winners - photo credit: KT Bruce / Church Times
Find out what the groups did at the Church Times

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