Sunday 14 September 2014

Lichens at Wrynose Pass

Here are some lichens I found on rocks at the summit of Wrynose Pass on 5 Sept 2014
N.B. I am only a beginner and am still waiting for some of these lichens to be checked. Comments welcome.
For scale, my finger nail is just over 1cm wide.. c.11mm

Baeomyces rufus - the scale has 1 mm units

Baeomyces rufus -
Porpidia cinereoatra
Porpidia macrocarpa

Porpidai macrocarpa or Toninia????

Porpidia tuberosa

The next one is tiny - 

Pilophorus strumatica - means Carrying a ball or ball bearing.
The black globe-shaped reproductive body is on a tiny stalk

Pilophorus strumatica seen closer

Pilophorus strumatica  You can see how tiny they are, when you comapre the size of the black balls on the stalks (well not yet grown fully into balls)  with the size of the moss.

Lecanora soralifera

On top of this boulder (bird perch position) is this yellow lichen:

Candelariella coralliza
(From Dobson 2005) This is similar to C vitellina but has a thick aereolate thallus with deep cracking and more rounded even-sized and compacted granules.. Habitat: uncommon on acid rocks that form well-lit, often isolated bird perching sites) 

Also on this rock was Parmeilia saxatilis

And Lasallia pustulata - Rock tripe

Lasallia pustulata - Rock tripe

Some of the rock had the filamentous alga Klebsormidium crenulatum

Tremolechia atrata

Tremolechia atrata

Stereocaulon vesuvianum var nodulosum

Pertusaria corallina
Pseudevernia fufuracea
Pseudevernia fufuracea

Tephromela atra

The lichens below still require some thought.

Miriquidica leucophaea

Miriquidica leucophaea

Thanks to members of the British Lichen Society who introduced me to  me many of these species in the south Lake district in the previous few days.