Tuesday 25 November 2008

Computer lessons

A new way of raising money for the fund arose last week - A couple in our congregation asked me to go and help them with their computing, so that they can more easily send emails and attachments to their relatives, and have promised to donate each session I go and help.

Daphne Wallis did appear on Songs of Praise on Sunday - and I could see the rainforest poster briefly displayed behind the choir conductor!.

Friday 14 November 2008

Langcliffe Singers sing the Messiah

Click here to see my post about Tuesday 14 Oct when BBC (songs of Praise) recorded Langcliffe singers practising. Songs of Praise will be broadcast on 23 November. This evening I came back and recorded them myself.
They will be performing Handel's Messiah on Sunday 7 December at 7.30pm on Settle Parish Church. Book your tickets now!!

Langcliffe Singers practise in the Hall on Tuesdays and are making a collection for the Rainforest Fund. Listen to them sing "Glory" above.

Thursday 13 November 2008

Teddy Bears Picnic Dancing at Hall

Scottish Country Dancing this Thursday evening at the Church Hall provided an opportunity to
1) Support Children in Need - the dancing teacher, Robert this week is making a collection at all his classes for Children in Need and having a special dance to "The Teddy Bears Picnic Tune"
2) By contributing, to say "Thank you" to our teachers Robert and Alan - we are SO lucky and privileged to have them come to Settle.
3) To have a good evening - It's good music, it's exercise, it's fun.
4) To find some friends who will proof read a booklet I am making to sell/give at Christmas for Craven Speakers Club in aid of the Rainforest Fund.

Watch us dancing - Why not come and join us? - 7.30pm on Thursdays.

Above: Dancing to "The Teddy Bears Picnic"

Above: "The Highland Rambler"

Wednesday 12 November 2008

How to set up the Owl meter electricity monitor

The Owl Energy Monitor, or smart meter, consists of a (1) magnet sensor which fits round a wire in coming out of your main electricity meter, (2) transmitter which is attached to the magnetic sensor;
And (3) a completely separate little meter which you carry round the house and note the change in reading as you turn individual items.

(Note added in Jan 2009: These smartmeters in January 2008 have been made available for loan free at York library)

Normally the magnet sensor clips onto one of the leads coming out below your electricity meter in the fusebox cupboard.

However a friend, Arthur Lupton, has made a gadget allowing the Owl to be used on individual appliances. This useful for demonstration purposes. The gadget consists of plug, socket and two thick insulated separate wires connecting them. You can see this gadget in detail in the picture which is below the video. Watch!

Here is Mr Lupton's extra plug and socket. Note the two wires go separately from the plug to the socket.

The sensor clips round one of the wires.

Here you see the sensor attached in my electricity meter and fuse box.

Dave Tayler used the Owl for his house - and was amazed by the electric power shower result - especially as members of his household enjoy long sessions in the shower!

Thanks for letting me print your data, Dave!

Appliance pence / hr kw / hr kg CO2 / hr
Electric shower !! 154.80 9.60 0.67
Immersion 43.80 2.72 0.19
Tumble dyer 39.70 2.46 0.17
Main oven 38.60 2.39 0.17
Washing machine 36.00 2.23 0.16
Kettle 34.20 2.12 0.15
Big cooker ring 26.20 1.62 0.11
Top oven 21.70 1.35 0.09
Microwave oven 20.00 1.24 0.09
Small cooker ring 19.00 1.18 0.08
Hair dryer 17.60 1.09 0.08
Toaster 17.30 1.07 0.08
Hoover 16.00 0.99 0.07
Central heating pump 4.80 0.30 0.02
Computer 4.10 0.25 0.02
Shower room light and fan 3.10 0.19 0.01
Garage strip light 2.40 0.15 0.01
LCD TV 2.10 0.13 0.01
Goldfish tank light 1.40 0.09 0.01
11w low energy light 1.00 0.06 0.00
Small TV 1.00 0.06 0.00