Sunday 13 November 2016

Dales Area Speech Competition at Addingham

The ASC Yorkshire Dales Area Speech and Evaluation contest was held at Addingham Memorial Hall and organised by Wharfedale Speakers Club on Saturday 12 November. I was to represent Craven Speakers Club in the Speech Contest.

I spent the morning on Ilkely Moor on a Bryophytes trip with people from Wharfedale Nats, North West Naturalists and the YNU (Yorkshire Naturalists Union), but left them just before lunch, (clutching specimens of Sphagnum russowii and Discelium nudum)   to attend the speech contest.

I gave my speech on "What is the YNU?". It came second.

A highlight of the meeting for me was the speech given by Denise Adlard, as the "Sample Evaluation Speech" - the the evaluation contestants had to evaluate:

Spring, Foam or Gel? -

Who would have guessed that this title would into of a very humorous speech on choosing a bed - and later making us aware that lack of sleep can cause road accidents. Car accidents caused by lack of sleep cause (per injury) more serious injury and deaths than drugs and alcohol   21-27 Nov 
Five clubs took part. In the Evaluation Competition, five people had to give a mini-speech analysing Denise’s speech, highlighting good points and techniques and offering practical advice with examples on how the speech could be improved.
The winner was Martin Bishop of Bradford Speakers Club.

 In the speech competition the audience were treated to a range of subjects - ranging from the history of umbrellas to the three main types of comedy: from the Activities of the Yorkshire Naturalists Union to How to show more empathy. Chris Birch gave a moving talk “Can you hear me?” which included  remembering the people who lost their lives during past wars. Tracy Wood, again of Bradford Speakers Club won with her “The Power of Empathy” Speech. Tracy and Martin will now compete in the District Competition to be held near Wetherby in March.

The entrants in the Speech competition receive their certificates from Lindsay Dutch (left). Tracy (centre) is the winner. thanks to Tony Morris for the pictures

The entrants in the Evaluation competition receive their certificates from Lindsay Dutch (left). Martin (second from left) is the winner

Discelium nudum - a good find in the morning on clay slippage banks beside stream (1mm graph paper behind)
No wonder people get the word "Naturalists" mixed up with Naturists...