Climate Walks in the Settle area

The clapper bridge above
Wharf Nov 2021.I hope
 you can see that we are

enjoying the company and
exercise too,

The walks which started in Nov 2020, visit lovely places, and are publicised through Craven Conservation Group and Churches Together in Settle. (See more details at end)

So start reading to find out where we have been: The latest walk is at the top.


1 May 2024: Walk to Lord's Wood

1 April: Walk up Penyghent to look for the Purple Saxifrage. 

Cancelled due to bad weather. See Penyghent walk two years ago two years ago. 

1 March : This was cancelled due to yet another train strike  (but see Judith's journey across Yorkshure to Sheffield that morning by bus instead including visit to "Threads of Creation" Tapestry Exhibition at Sheffield Cathedral and stay at the Chruch Army Centre (recommended)

1 Feb 2024: Foss Gill, Calton, Airton

1 Jan 2024: There is no joint walk this week. Once again people are invited to attend the Keasden Head walk run by the Parish.

1 Dec 2023  - How Beck above Stainforth 

1 Nov 2023: Hellifield Flash and Long Preston Deeps

1 Oct 2023:  Scaleber Foss then from Stockdale junction to Attermire (tarn as was) and flush with Grass of Parnassus

2 Sept 2023: Swindale (between Shap and Haweswater) - in preparation for Lee Schofield (author of Wild Fell)'s talk for CCG - superb weather and views - date changed to 2nd mostly because of weather forecast.

1 Aug: Langcliffe Brow to Blua Crags (all in Langcliffe Parish) - (view down to Settle)

Sat 1 July 2023 - the walk will form part of the "National Hay Meadows Day" event at Lower Winskill Farm 11am-3pm

Ashes Pasture

Thur 1 June 2023 was an evening walk at Ashes Pasture, followed by a short walk at Salt Lake Quarry.

Sat 1 May 2023 was poor weather and ended up being several short separate walks. I went to the road near Scalebar Foss.

Sat 1 April 2023: Newton in Bowland - morning walk by River Hodder -saw 16 wildflowers -then more in the afternoon in the village on the walk to the Quaker Burial ground

Wed 1 March 2023: Children's Play area between Bond Lane, Booths and Primary School, with of 12 species of tree, then walk to To Folly Cafe.

Wed 1 Feb 2023: Giggleswick School Chapel - Summit of First Day of the month - Climate Walk - Feb 2023 enjoyed by six of us

On 1 Jan 2023 - We did not run a walk ourselves - we advertised the Parish walk to Keasden Head Farm (see also the 2022 Jan walk to Keasden Head) - I did not go because I had Covid


On 1 Dec 2022 six of us walked up the Nature Trail at Clapham sang a song for COP15 Biodiversity Summit - found waxcaps and saw the sunset.
On 1 Nov - Side of Settle Golf Course. Just two of us went and recorded Waxcaps (the other 12 people had genuine excuses)
On 1 Oct Fungi were found at Scaleber, but the main group met at Upper Settle
On 1 Sept we found cranberries on Rathmell Common
On 1 Aug we revisited Malham Tarn Fen SSSI- so much has changed in a month! On 1 July we visited Malham Tarn Fen
On 1 June we visited sites near Colt Park near Ribblehead
On 1 May we had a short walk at Horton following the Lambing Service.
On 1 April we walked up the slopes of Penyghent and saw the purple saxifrage
On 1 March we walked from Helwith Bridge round the Moss, and below Foredale
On 1 Feb we walked from Gig to Close House near the bypass & back via the Ribble
On 1 Jan 2022 we went to Keasden Head


On 1 Dec 2021 we went to Rathmell
On 1 Nov 2021 we went to Austwick, Wharf and the Clapper Bridge. See pictures of this lower on this page.
On 1 Oct we went to Thorns and Ribblehead
On On Sept 1st we went to Whelpstone Crag.
On Aug we joined the annual St Oswald's Day walk (pics below) at Horton.
On 1 July we went for a walk on a nature reserve in Ribblesdale.
On 1 June we went to Selside
(23 May: CTISAD Pentecost Walk to Oxenber Woods)
On 1 May we walked throught the bluebells at Lord's Wood ) (7)
On 1 April we ( Just 2 of us - limited to 2 by covid restrictions ) - litter-picked beside the Ribble at Stainforth
On 1 March ( litter picking in Settle)
On 1 Feb we litter picked beside the Ribble at Stainforth (Just 2 - Covid restrictions)
On 1 Jan 2021 there was no New Year's Day CTISAD walk but Judith went on a walk for the BSBI New Year Plant Hunt


On 1 Dec 2020 We (2) walked up Castleberg Crag and picked litter
On 1 Nov 2020 We went on our first walk for the climate (in the rain) - (3 plus 3) beside the Ribble in Giggleswick and Settle


The pictures used to illustrate this page were all taken on 1 Nov 2021 - A bright morning following an exceptionally wet night - hence the flooded road between Austwick and Wharf, and the high level of water at the Clapper Bridge  

 They take place on the first day of the month.  We have a short reflection (four min) on climate issues en route. We look at natural history features. 

 (All are welcome including people who are not naturalists and who are not Christian or religious)  

We discover and learn about our environment - both natural history facts - and about new places near where we live.

We take litter collecting bags and usually pick litter en route..

We raise awareness about Climate Change - We have a short stop for reflection on route and use the latest sheet produced by a group called "Pray and fast for the climate" and sometimes Green Christian's monthly guide.  These reflections show how rapidly history is changing- even over two and a half years. 

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