Wednesday 24 May 2017

Lecanora dispersa

Hello to my one fan out there. Sorry I have been getting a bit behind with this Lichens of Settle Series.
So I nipped outside the house and had a look on the house wall - limestone blocks with sandstone round the windows:  west facing so pretty dry.

The wall all look grey -both sandstone and limestone - but close inspection shows there is quite a lot of Lecanora dispersa. (This is an aggregate group). It is very common, and stands up to pollution.

You can see the little "jam tarts" about 1/2 mm across with a dark centre and white rim. In this example case they are indeed dispersed over quite a big area where lime rich water has drained onto the sandstone vertical "sill".

Usually I have seen them more clustered than that.

I found some on a ground level gravestone at Ingleton (see the end of that post)

Actually, now that I have been on a more advanced lichens course I wonder if I should check the identification by doing chemical tests and cutting sections of the reproductive bodies.. Maybe another day.
This is Lecanora dispersa at Inlgeton churchyard

Wednesday 3 May 2017

Barn Dance for Rainforest Fund - Settle - 5 May

In the end we raised £133.50 for the "Rainforest Fund"

We gave this £133.50 to a project in Borneo. A dictionary and guide book to birds and wildlife is being written in the Mt Kinabalu area at so that local guides can learn the names of local wildlife in their own language, the national language and in English.

More specifically:  funding a 3 way dictionary of bird and other nature useful phrases in English, Malay and Dusun (the mother tongue if these mountain people which they use in every day speech). which can be used as part of the project for training the guides as described in the project funded by the Rotary Club of Kota Kinabalu for Phase 3 of a programme to train 10 Mt Kinabalu mountain guides the skills of bird and nature guiding.

Churches Together in Settle and District Barn Dance:
 - In Aid of the Rainforest Fund.
Fri 5 May - 7pm - 10.30pm
Settle Catholic Church Hall, BD24 9RA
£7.50 Adult, £1-00 Children
All welcome.
Dancing to Caller / Accordionist Bill Johnston
Pie and Peas supper. (Veggie option)

Details (and it is helpful to book, but still come if you haven't booked) 01729 822311

Part of the profits will go to a project in Borneo to help enable training of local people to act as wildlife guides, and provide a dictionary translating names of wild animals and plants from local languages to English.