Saturday 21 September 2019

Global Climate Strike, Settle - Pictures and Flags 20 Sept

All round the world, on Friday 20 September 2019, Climate Strikes were held, in support of the Youth Climate Strike.  Settle held its very own strike on the cobbles outside a former bank, next to the plaque saying "Edward Elgar often stayed here".

Email me if you would like some higher resolution pictures.. and visit this post tomorrow (21Sept   in case I have added more.)

I arrived early (11am) to set up the table and posters and "prayer flag" making equipment.  I invited passers by to make a flag, answering the question "How to you feel about climate change and loss of forests and biodiversity?" (See poster top right)

 Being a Friday morning in September,  Settle was very quiet. But it was great to have individual conversations with people who stopped and to hear their views.

At 1pm,  the official time for the strike, twenty people arrived with lots of banners.

We had lost two or three activists who might have come because they had gone to the big climate march at Leeds. But we gained a pair of "green" cyclists on holiday from Leeds, and we gained a couple  who had read about our strike on and come all the way from  near Clitheroe

I stood on a chair and explained about the flags, and asked people to make themselves known.

Sarah Wiltshire stood up and told people about ACE Settle (Action  on Climate Emergency Settle)

Andy Brown a  Green Councillor for Craven District Council and Green Parliamentary Candidate stood up and told us about the need for a climate strike, and about all the activity that had been taking place in Skipton earlier that morning. Lots of school children there including the Montessori school had been there, and some children singing and others making speeches.

After the Settle "big crowd" left at 2pm I stayed on with the help of two people, encouraging more people to write flags. It was really good hearing individual peoples ideas as they filled in the flags. One friend arrived who had been at the Leeds Strike earlier that day. She said there were thousands of people.

Eventually at 3.30pm the schools came out, and I had some contributions from the youth of Settle. Some knew nothing of the strike, but others did. One girl told me how a teacher had not been allowed to strike but had worn a green band on her arm all day. She learned about the strike in her Spanish Class. 

Our minister Tim Broughton intends to use the flag idea in the Service at St Johns Methodist Church on Sunday 22nd, enabling people to write down their prayers on them. We will be having a christening - so will be thinking about the next 90 years (+) for the life if this child. 

Friday 6 September 2019

Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group visit to Austwick Hall

First Wednesday morning of the month - so it's time for a Mid Yorkshire Fungus Group trip. - On 4 Sept 2019 to Austwick Hall by invitation of Michael Pearson.  The woodland is situated on a steep limestone slope, just above Austwick. It has a few tall Giant Redwoods and beech amongst sycamore and ash and some other conifers. We hear the primary school children in the distance below, outside at playtime in the morning - just returned after the summer holidays.- 

There are fifteen people all together including Archie and Ron and Jane.

One of the first that we found ??

On some thin branches/twigs on the ground that were old and had lost their bark were two fungi - both new to me. -  The translucent white jelly is not the normal one - this one has white bits in it. The  black one in the lower part of the picture with dots on it is a Eutypa - but the ones we saw last month at Keighley and the month before at Bolton Strid were on Oak so they were a different species. This one is  on sycamore so is Eutypa maura

Exidea nucleata (Myxarium nucleatum) Crystal Brain Fungus

and Eutypa maura

magnified below

Exidea nucleata (Myxarium nucleatum) 
Eutypa maura

Eutypa maura

Archie then tried to get me to identify the thin branch/twigs by looking at the xylem and rays..No, No.. another time maybe.

This is probably Crepidotus mollis

This is probably Crepidotus mollis - pity I did not know how to test it when I found this.  Later that morning Archie showed us how to stretch a Crepidotus mollis cap...

Crepidotus mollis

Crepidotus mollis is a fan-shaped fungus. It has a cap cuticle (skin) that readily peels away from the flesh. The skin is rubbery and transparent and can be stretched to at least double its length before it tears.

What are they all looking at here?


It's a pale tussock moth

Mycena haematopus

Taken form Wikipedia: Known as: bleeding fairy helmet, the burgundydrop bonnet, or the bleeding Mycena,:  The fruit bodies of M. haematopus have caps that are up to 4 cm (1.6 in) wide, whitish gills, and a thin, fragile reddish-brown stem with thick coarse hairs at the base. They are characterized by their reddish color, the scalloped cap edges, and the dark red latex they "bleed" when cut or broken. Both the fruit bodies and the mycelia are weakly bioluminescent.

Mycena haematopus


Monday 2 September 2019

Moths at Lower Winskill

What did we find in the moth trap at Lower Winskill 28-30 August 2019? - Eco Explorers

Here are some of the moths:
(For the Adult Caddis, click here)

Autumnal Rustic  (Eugnorisma glareosa)

 Ear Moth (Amphipoea  agg)

 Ear Moth (Amphipoea agg)

 Copper Underwing (Amphipyra pyramidea)agg  possibly (they can only be separated in the hand)

The next set I have identified myself so they still need checking:

Purple Bar   Cosmorhoe ocellata

Feathered Gothic  (Tholera decimalis)

Antler Moth   Cerapteryx graminalis 

Centre-barred Sallow   Atethmia Centrago

I don't even guess the names of the ones below

Now some smaller ones:
What do you think they are?