Thursday 4 December 2008

Improve Your Speaking Skills

"Twenty Top Tips for Improving Your Speaking Skills" - The booklet to buy! - and so give money to the rainforest fund. I have collected vital tips from members of Craven Speakers Club at Skipton. (The booklets will also double up as Christmas Cards for some of my friends)
To practise improving your speaking skills, why not see if there is a Speakers' club near you by visiting - and then start in the new year!

Tip 2: (by Jan Millar:)
Practise reading a passage or poem aloud each day. As you practise, remember “The seven 'Ps' for effective vocal delivery” - pitch, pace, pause, power, practise, practise, practise.

Tip 8: (Sylvia Walker.)
Look at your audience. Maintaining lots of eye-contact is crucial for engaging your audience’s interest.

I sold ten copies at the meeting in early November (at 50p each).. Lets see how many we can sell at the meeting in mid December.

Wednesday 3 December 2008

Making Christmas Cards for the fund

Here is a display of cards and calendars I made today to sell for the Rainforest Fund.

And look - in Yorkshire we have snowy weather today!!

Some are from photos of a collection of nativity scenes that were on display at St John's Church last year.

Some are from flowers from our area including Purple Saxifrage, Mountain Pansy and Bloody Cranesbill.

Orders taken! £1-50 per card including postage.