Monday 26 December 2016

Settle Community Christmas Day Meal 2016

Coffee and hot fruit punch
were served in the
large meeting room

when we arrived 

Settle Community Christmas Day Meal took place in style again in 2016.
( There will be a similar meal and day on 2017 - book now!) 

A big thank you to:-

1. The guests who came - without you it would not take place! 

I was pleased that R. was able to come again and join in the singing - now 99! and also others from Hellifield and some of the regulars from Settle, Limestone View, Townhead and elsewhere.

2. The volunteer helpers buyers, - drivers, servers, washers uppers, piano player, table decorations provider, sprout and potato peelers....

and especially the chief cooks: Edith and John Diggles

3. Three local firms who gave us discounts: - Courtyard Cheese, (cheese) Naked Man Cafe (Christmas Cake) and Drake and Macefield (turkey), Thank you. the cheese, cake and turkey were all  delicious.

4. The people of St John's Church for maintaining and letting us use their premises.

5. Other people in Settle who wished us well!

After coffee/hot punch we went into the chapel and sang carols for our meal!

Rev Stephen Dawson MCd, Joy played the piano.

This year we got the serving right - super efficient and so the meals were tasty AND hot.

Single people came, some people came who had lost partners or relations, and others came in groups bringing visiting relations with them. It was good being all family together.

After lunch we sat in a circle in the hall and played pass the parcel. Joseph and Darren held the buckets of parcels - while we actually passed soft toys. I was able to play first lines of a variety of folk songs and carols on my accordion

Then we had "party pieces" - people had brought some Christmas Poems, and readings about misfit presents and a host of other topics. One lady sang a rainbow song, beautifully, and another recited "Ernie, the fasted milkman in the west"

Then it was tea time. Cake, cheese, sausage rolls, grapes, clementines, stollen, mince pies..

And finally home. People could admire the decorations at the church entrance as they left.. through the rain.

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas Break 

and Happy New Year everyone!

Sunday 11 December 2016

Happy Christmas 2016

To you all -
to friends and to visitors from round the world to to this website:- 
May you have a Happy Christmas
and Best Wishes for the New Year.

Here are  pictures from Settle and Skipton  in the Yorkshire Dales and the Settle - Carlisle Railway.

All the best with choosing your New Year Resolutions 
(How about:  Learning about some aspect of wildlife e.g. lichens? Going for a walk outside each day? Listening to people more carefully? Saying "Thank You" to other people more often?)

 I wish you all Peace on Earth


10 December 2016 - Apologies for jumpy filming - but meaningful words

10 December 2016 - This one makes a nice story watching it.

Skipton in the evening (after Speakers Club)

Skipton in the evening when all the market stall have gone.

 Settle Voices at Settle Station on 10 Dec

Enjoyed the Christmas Food at Settle Station 10 Dec