Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year Night UFOs

On New Year's Eve, just before midnight, I walked along the black road, bordered by snow white fields filled with.. snow.  A thin sprinkling of sparkling new snow covered the parked car, the wall tops and all the old snow. Suddnely fireworks went off in the distance towards Settle. Some birds flew up.

At 00.15am  on Friday 1st 2010  I looked up the valley and in the sky saw a procession of lights  approaching. Three ..four.. eventually about seven. they were too low down to be aeroplanes on their way from America. I could tell they were low because of their relative speed, the size and brightness of the lights. Yet I could hear no sound.

The picture, with the camera placed on the wall and set on self timer shows three of them. They feature as lines rather than oval lights because of the show shutter - but this shows the direction they were each taking.

If they were planes, why no sound? Is it something to do with the very cold air in the valley which somehow reflects the sound back up?

Here are three more scenic pictures taken by the light of the full moon.

  My first pictures in 2010!

I wish you a Happy New Year


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