Wednesday, 17 November 2010

CoolEarth Coffee at Skipton - Craven Speakers Club

On 15th November at Craven Speakers Club (at Skipton, North Yorkshire) we chose to drink Cool Earth Coffee, to support CoolEarth  and their coffee morning that day

CoolEarth coffee has been launched recently. The sale of each jar of CoolEarth coffee protects a tree at risk of being logged in the Amazon rainforest.

You can read about Craven speakers club at

 Here you can see I am  (as usual!) promoting the beautiful cards I make to sell in aid of the Rainforest.

 This is the manual we use at Speakers club.

These are apples that Eileen brought as a gift for anyone to take. They are delicious
I had had to make a special trip to Tesco's to buy the coffee beforehand, as I understood that this is the only place you can buy the Cool Earth Coffee. I would rather support other shops as well as Tesco's.

I bought four jars £2.99 each. But I have made good use of the four jars
A friend at Speakers Club bought one jar from me.

I took the coffee to Craven Conservation Group's AGM on Tuesday Evening and told everyone we would be drinking it. Unfortunately the meeting went on so long that we abandoned coffee and the mince pies that I had brought too.  However one member was keen to buy a jar and did!

I took a jar to show Settle Spinner's group on Tuesday.  And gave a jar to St John's Church for their Tuesday Coffee Mornings.


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