Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Autumn 2010 Views + St John's Church Settle

Here is a picture of St John's on 30th October. In the background above the railway bridge you can see Castleberg rock with the flag flying

On 3 November I walked up through Castleberg Woods

..over the fallen leaves

..to Castleberg Rock. From Here you can see St John's in the distance, bang in the centre and a little to the right

But from the top of the rock you get a better view of Settle - I should try and join these three pictures to make a panorama. The church is on the right side of the right picture.

 Here is the right picture enlarged

 You see the road in the centre above, and being crossed by the railway?

To the left of the road is St John's Methodist Church Hall

and to the right is the church (Remember you can click on the pictures to get large versions)

At road level,  the Settle Carlisle arch frames the church.

I enjoyed making the most of the autumn colours.

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