Monday, 25 July 2011

Ingleton EcoCongregation + Bishop Nick Baines

(Later notes added by editor; On Sun 19th April 2015 St Mary's  unveiled its 2nd Eco-Congregation Award . Now (2020) it has gained Eco Church Awards.

Bishop Nick Baines unveils the EcoCongregation Plaque at Ingleton Parish  Church
On Sunday 24th  July 2011 Bishop Nick Baines unveiled the  Eco-Congregation  plaque which has been awarded to Ingleton Parish Church . (See above)

Ingleton is 10 miles from Settle

I attended the service, which was a confirmation and baptism service, and took these pictures afterwards.

Before I describe what they have done to gain the award, and say a little about the church, I'll just remind you and myself some reasons why the environment is important:- (And perhaps the fact that the USA could go "bankrupt" in a few days time might highlight the fact that the statements  below can affect us)
  •  One fifth of the the world's plants are under threat of extinction
  • If all the people in the world used the same resources as we do in the UK we would need three planets
  • The world population has risen in 12 years from 6 billion in Oct 1999 to 7 billion come Halloween this year of 2011
  • Forests are home to 80% of our land animals and plants
  • £100 can buy /save an acre of rainforest - (the size of a football pitch or 16 tennis courts)
  • Soil erosion is taking place much faster than soil formation and threatens to leave the world hungry

By joining in the Eco-Congregation Award scheme, churches can encourage their congregations and others to take more care of the environment.

So what did they do to gain the award?
They carried out a green audit. As a result of this they carried out many activities. They have plans to make the church better insulated. the proposed modifications to the church will be from reclaimed material where possible. They have a botany project ongoing in the churchyard.

Now my pictures.  The church, and Ingleton  is scenic, and the vegetation green due to the high rainfall of the area....

At the top of the wooded slope to the north I was excited to discovered this plant:-.. Sand leek. Allium scorodoprasm. (Click on the picture to enlarge). This is quite rare nationally - a man coming up to one of my courses from the south has specifically asked where it can be found so he can look at it. But a look at the BSBI distribution map shows it has its main area is in Yorkshire and the NW of England.

In the church they had put out some environment leaflets and I added a second display box with some more leaflets - including the CEL August 2011 Prayer Guide which had just been emailed out the previous day.  I was able to give one to the bishop.

In the service we remembered the grief of the Norwegian people.
For the excellent meal and trifles afterwards we were invited to donate to the Africa drought appeal, thorugh Tear Fund.

The bible readings for the day were the parables... the kingdom of heaven is like.. At the end Jesus said 13:51 "Have you understood all this?" They answered, "Yes.".. and the bishop read this with the "Yes" sounding like the disciples really meant - "er no. "

He referred to the Parable of the Wheat and Tares which had been dealt with a week or two ago. And then the parable of the sower.. The sower did not only sow the seed only in those places where it would have maximum chance of germinating and growing. He threw it out generously. and so we should "throw out the gospel generously.. and leave it up to God to determine where it would germinate and grow.. 

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