Sunday, 29 January 2012

Let there be light cafe-service at Settle

 Four times a year St John's Methodist Church has a "Cafe-style service"  The theme of January 2012's service is "Let there be light". Above we are assembling and helping ourselves to sandwiches and cake. 
A leader in pink has positioned words round the room -head-sky-traffic-lime-etc. - Later we will have to look for these to match up with the word "light" she has already positioned on the board.

The junior church  prepared two banners the previous Sunday - they will brighten up the church.

We had a short amusing drama - with three characters who could not see because they were blindfolded or had dark glasses. They kept crashing into objects and people.  Character 4 (brown jumper)  had a torch and implored the other people to take off their blindfolds and see.  But they didn't. They were quite happy as they were, they did not want to change.

Next was searching for objects in the dark cave. (Click on the arrow)

More on the cave game. There were two teams 5 boys/men against 5 girls/women. A member from each tean had to enter the"cave" and search for a designated object

Posing inside the cave 

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