Sunday 11 March 2012

Jonathon Porritt at CEL Conference Bristol 10 March

150 people attended the CEL Conference on 10th March 2012 at Stoke Gifford, Bristol.
More notes will be added later.

The two chief speakers seen in the picture below:-
Jonathon Porritt (speaking) left in the afternoon to go to the demonstration about nuclear power at Hinkley Point.
Tim Gorringe, Theology Lecturer at Exeter University (seen sitting on the right below in front of the banner) had been up before 6am lambing and would be lambing again when he got home at night.

Booking in at the conference

Choosing which of the 6 workshops to attend

Jonathon Porritt at the workshops bench

Paul Bodenham, Chair of CEL Steering Committee preparing material

Clare Best reads her poems to a packed hall

Some of the Workshop leaders and speakers : left to right:
Jeremy Williams, Mark Letcher , Paul Bodenham, Tim Gorringe, Ellen Teague, Jonathan Essex, Edward Echlin

Tim Gorringe (in front of poster) leads a workshop

Jonathan Essex leads a workshop

Mark Letcher leads a workshop

Tim Gorringe speaking

A participant leaves the conference (We held it in the building on the right)

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