Sunday 25 March 2012

Lichens on location - Booths Supermarket Settle

Ochrolechia parella 

Is it because I have been on Allan's course, or is it because I have some new glasses which once again let me focus on objects a hand's distance away rather than an arms length distance - that I am noticing lichens again?

Here we are at the Millennium Gardens at Booths (see the sign) looking at the millstone grit/coarse sandstone capstones of the wall. The rest of the wall is mostly acid sandstone too, but there are a few limestone rocks.

This big splodge is Ochrolechia parella

The diameter of my black pen end  in the pictures below is 8mm - just less than 1cm wide.

Ochrolechia parella 

This big lichen with a fimbriate edge, and no visible fruiting bodies on this specimen, is also growing on the grit capstones. It  is not possible to identify without fruiting bodies.  It must be growing quickly because it has grown over the edge of the moss (Grimmia pulvinata)

Candelariella vitelina

lecidella stigmatea

Lecanora polytropa  - On acid grit.

These next three pictures are al on hard limestone and they are a Verrucaria. The fruiting bodies make holes in the rock. They maybe Verrucaria baldensis since the fruitting bodies are less than 0.3mm diameter. remember the pen end is 8mm.

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