Tuesday, 8 May 2012

£1 a day for food 7-12 May 2012

7 May- 12 May. - time to Live off £1 a day for food
This is part of Live Below the Line

I did this in 2011 too, and you can see what I ate then here:
The picture on the right is from last year

I have chosen the same diet, more or less, this year - and it is interesting to see how prices have changed. The Potatoes that last year cost me £1-00 for 2.5Kilo have gone up to £1-39. However I was fortunate in seeing a "remaindered" bag for 59p.

The Coop Lentils have gone up from £1-00 to £1-20.
Fortunately the Booths Porridge has gone down 5p

So far I have spent £4-68 of my budget - that leaves me with 32p for "eating out" over the next three and a half days - i.e. accepting cups of tea from friends at 10p a cup.

I am grateful for friends who are sponsoring me.
You can sponsor me online - https://www.livebelowtheline.com/me/judi
One person has sponsored me on the web page - Thank you Margaret!!!
Last night some friends at Speakers Club sponsored me
Several people have sponsored me at church;
Some people from CEL sponsored me
Thank you to all!!

Item                                                     2011                              2012
Porridge 750g (Booths Quick Oat)  £0.95                                     90
1st   500g bag lentils (Coop)                  £1-00 each                             £1-20 each
2nd  500g bag lentils (Coop)                  £1-00 each                             £1-20 each
Potatoes - 2.5 k                               £1.00                                      59
portion of butter                                £0.30                                       0.30
2 tblspoons brown sugar                     0.10                                       0.10
portion of salt                                     0.10                                       0.10
1/20th bottle Cool Earth coffee             0.15                                       0.10
portion of barbecue.chili flavouring        0.10                                      
portion of nutmeg  (2011 only)              0.10 
1/2 a fudge bar given to me (2011only)   0.15
2 cups of tea given to me  (2011only)    0.10
1 slice white bread given   (2011 only)   0.10

1 large crisp after Speakers club (2012)                                             0.4p
1 (old) clementine                                                                           0.15

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