Sunday, 24 June 2012

Olympic Torch at Skipton 24 June

Waiting for the torch to arrive at Skipton 24 June 2012

He's coming!!

"Telephoto" - Close up

Round the roundabout and back down the High Street
And then he went. Over in a flash.

Above is a video clip of the pre-torch razamatraz 

Here are some of the activities that were taking place in the High Street at 2-3pm, two hours earlier..

Cave Rescue

Cave Rescue and Upper Wharfedale climbing Wall

Climbing Wall

Shakespear  Company -

Shakespear Company - 



 Well I had been lucky to have a good position to watch the torch.- I had seen two friends and waited with them for 1 and a quarter hours, up on the grass of Skipton Church. A long stand. but worth it. The early bird?
Here is an early bird I saw catching a worm on the grass of Skipton Church ten minutes later. There - swallowed and gone. I wonder if it wriggled inside.

And here are some scenic shots I took afterwards, first in a display on the senses at the church, then at Skipton, then the flooded Ribble near Settle

Click on this to see it big, then read the texts

and so on the road home.


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