Sunday, 24 June 2012

River Ribble in Spate on 22 June 2012

River Ribble at 8.35pm 22 June

Focussing in  (from picture above)  and closer..

See the notice board in the river - the water
level is now rushing against the notice itself. it has risen 20cm since 3.30pm

another view.

Time for a quick trip to Watershed mill

I'll do more pictures of Watshed Mill and Winskill Stones above Langcliffe on a separate posting shortly
Now down to Settle

Ah this is the Sunny river Ribble on 20th June

On Wednesday 20th June I squeezed in an extra visit with the IEEM group
and at 9.30am we  found  big grasses with huge auricles beside the Ribble.
The path is above us on the right with the tennis court netting beyond.

and this is 22nd June
54 hours later we would have been submerged up to our necks
 - and in another 4 hours (see below)
the water was above our heads up to the pavement

The water spills on to the pavement -9.30pm Friday 22 June
- yes the day after midsummer.

At the early visit of 3.30 I walked down to Queens Rock

though Queen's rock itself was covered with water.

And I walked back up to the bridge - which has
stood there since the 1600s (though widened)
                                      I wondered if the students would have been able to recognise the grasses now?

Settle Hydro Reverse Archimedes Screw was turning quickly ..  And the netting  to prevent  twigs entering was doing it swork - though I susupect the person who looks after it will have been down several times already to clear material..

Choppy at the weir.

From the same point looking downstream.
I am glad my camara survived

My 9.30pm visit showed the water reaching the path
 .. and in the opposite direction..

overtopping it. I did not progress. It got deeper and there was a current.
In the distance I saw people also come to a stop -- see close up in next picture

And here's a good video I took of the water at the riverside walk

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