Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What is the Rainforest Fund Project - at Settle?

What is the Rainforest Fund?

The Rainforest Fund raises money towards protecting rainforest and other irreplaceable habitats -
It was started on 1 Jan 2008 - at St John's Methodist Church Settle, North Yorkshire, and was initially called St John's Methodist Church Rainforest fund but later that year it changed its name to The Rainforest Fund Project.

This is a good thing because other groups in Settle have now raised money for this fund.

The money raised goes to one of three charities (though it could on occasions be used for a charity with a similar purpose): World Land Trust, Cool Earth and A Rocha Ghana.

The aim of the fund is:
  1. To raise money for this vital cause (saving the world's biodiversity and important habitats)
  2. To demonstrate it is a Christian Responsibility to care for God's World
  3. To demonstrate it is a Christian Responsibility to care for the world which is on loan to us from future generations

In 2011 the National Organisation Christian Ecology Link set up a similar project : The Christian Ecology Link Rainforest fund Project - called 100 Churches - by which it is aiming to encourage 100 churches each to give at leas £100 to save  habitat of biodiversity importance. You can see which churches have taken part here
If your church has raised money recently for a project which is saving habitat of biodiversity importance please let CEL know and they can add your church to that list.

This blog has diversified to include topics of nature conservation interest and topics related to St John's Church and the Church Hall - but as with Ecology - many things are interrelated.

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