Monday, 13 May 2013

Grasses at Juniper Hall May 2013

We had good weather for the Grass Identification in Springtime Course at Juniper Hall, near Box Hill, near Dorking 3-6 May 2013 and a good group of participants.

Searching for grasses round the felled cedar.
 A sixth from group are in the background.

Glyceria fluitans... don't fall in. - on Headley Heath

Chalk Grassland on Headley Heath

Headley Heath

Before Breakfast on Juniper Top

The drainage experiments - comparing grassland, gravel  and tarmac

Looking for Catapodium rigidum (Fern grass)

and finding it.

Keywork...near the River Mole

We reach the almost summit of Box Hill

100 metres lower down the slope
we had had the whole hillside to ourselves.

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