Monday, 14 April 2014

Sycamore buds will not open till 16th April - I say on 14th - and other notes

I have this theory that the main tree leaves start to come out - the buds start to burst on 16th April - well around Settle anyway, and where the majority of the trees are sycamore - then one month later by 17th of May the sycamore trees are fully out, and are giving lots of shade. (Ash takes quite a bit longer)

Well we have had a mild winter and a mild March .. so I wondered of the tree leaves would come out earlier.

The sloe is just starting to come out on the 1st April -
View from Castleberg Crag/Gardens in Settle

View of St John's Church Hall from Castleberg on 1 April

Sycamore tree by Ribble on 1 April - no leaves

But look what is growing at the base of the tree - Syntrichia latifolia!!!

These buds are breaking on 11th April - but that's down at Settle so maybe that does not count.

The sycamore trees outside my house
on 12th April have leaves swollen waiting to break

However at Ripon on 14th April there are sycamores with unbroken buds.
The tree on the right is horse-chestnut but the tree on the left is sycamore,
And on our walk to the river Skell at Ripon on 14th
all the other shrubs may have been starting to
come out but the sycamore was not coming out.
It's great to get out and see the flowers.

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