Thursday, 8 October 2015

Walk at Bordley - Skipton Methodist Circuit - 6 Sept

St Andrews Church, Skipton has a walking group that sets forth the first Sunday of each month.
6th September 2015 was the 150th anniversary of Malham Methodist Chapel, so a walk near Malham was chosen. Starting form Newhouse Farm, Bordley.  (Well 3 miles up and beyond Malham, between Malhamdale and Wharfedale).  I joined them.

Mrs Newhouse (of Newhouse Farm) told us a little about farming. Here she is demonstarting the tags to put in the ears of the animals.

Here she is demonstrating the paperwork

Lovely weather to set off

Down past the stream

Over the hills and far away

You can see Sharp Haw in the distance

I left everyone early as I wanted to go back to Settle in time to to collect Bill Mitchell so that he could come to the service..    read on...

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