Sunday, 1 November 2015

Nov 1st - Was it our hottest November day too?

Sunbathing in Settle on 1st Nov:-

It might be 1 November,  
but by 1 pm the mist had gone 
and people were sitting out on 
the Settle pavements, sipping coffee
as in french cafes.
Wales recorded their hottest November Day ever.

The Ribblehead weather station said it reached 15.8 degrees   at Ribblehead today (Sun)

The trees on Castleberg still have some leaves

Golden leaves at Watershed Mill

Golden leaves at Langcliffe
 On the tree trunks in the picture above are lots of lichens. They look very happy today. This morning it was misty and moist, now it is humid and warm - so the lichens are saying yippee.

This is Parmeila sulcata. The Netted Shield Lichen
There are whitish ridges on the thallus called pseudocyphellae.
In this specimen there are lots of soralia (bodies that make the powder like soredia) growing on some of the pseudocyphellae. 

Parmelia sulcata is often infertile - but it is fertile here with the apothecia with a brown centre. and sorediate rims. It can grow in slightly polluted air and grows over all UK on tree trunks.

The church yard a a beautiful globe artichoke.

And a stunning ly beautiful rose. I photographed it from lots of angles

In the background in the house opposite the church, next to the  institute,
the Middletons have been selling potted plants and flowers this year.  Sadly, Maureen died this week.

1 November is All Saints Day 
and at St John's Methodist Church 
we wrote the names of people we 
wanted specially to remember on Post-it notes...

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