Friday, 13 November 2015

Buying delicious local cheese at the Courtyard Dairy Settle - and biodynamic wine at Buon Vino

A mile south of Settle on the A65 lies the Courtyard. - with an art gallery, some beautiful carved furniture, a cafe, a cheese shop and a wine shop. Sometimes I give myself a treat by stopping off their on the way home.

The cheese shop board (bottom left)  says "Small producers. small herds, big flavours"

This time I bought 
some Wensleydale cheese from a small farmer -(not the main dairy at Hawes)
some biodynamic cheese from North Yorkshire and some cheese from Botton Village (Camp Hill Community) from the Botton Dairy

Then I went next door and bought some red biodynamic wine.  from Spain., in the Buon Vino shop I was relieved it cost less than £10 (I The manager Robert Bagot had given us a talk at the Settle Big Breakfast last month and said that many wines cost up to £25 (and there are specialty ones that cost a lot more than that).

And where did the cheese and wine end up?

I took the three packets of cheese to the Bring and Share "LOAF" meal at Bristol Held before the Green Christian Annual Members Meeting - where it was much appreciated.

It tasted delicious.

And the wine? 
I was chairman at Craven Speakers Club last week, and the chairman has to bring a raffle prize.  So I gave the wine for the raffle - We keep our standards high!.

That means I'll have to pay another visit to the Courtyard!

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