Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Settle Soup Number 4 and Pitch for Settle Dementia Action Awareness

What projects should we be supporting in Settle?

The three Pitches at the third Settle Soup was held on Wednesday 13th April at Victoria Hall:

  1. Settle Dementia Action Alliance Launch - 20 May 1-4pm  (Claire Holliday)
  2. Craven Refugee Network (John Launder)
  3. Craven Development Project (Ann Harding)
Cauliflower soup and pepper and sweet potato soup - tickled our taste buds

Joseph chaired the meeting. 
Jo told us about Settle Timebank. 
Margaret showed people about Leeds Credit Union.

All three of the main pitches interesting projects, of relevance to all in the Settle Area:

Settle Dementia Action Alliance will encourage Traders and groups in Settle to partake in free "How to be more helpful to people with dementia" training - and once they've had the short session, then they can display a Dementia Aware sticker in their shop,

In answer to the question "Please give us three tips to help people with dementia, Claire replied:-

Thi topic is important since one in three people over 80, maybe over 65 will one day get dementia - and people much younger than that can get it- so it affects a lot of us
20 May 1-4pm Launch of Settle Dementia Action Alliance. Vic Hall

Next Settle Soup: Wednesday 
17: 24 May: Settle Soup: Victoria Hall 6pm-8pm
Come  and  enjoy  friendship,  soup  and  find out  what is going
on in Settle.
If  you  have  a  project  in Settle that you would like to tell other
people about or raise money for this (or maybe a future SOUP)
is  an  opportunity.

4  people  talk  for  4 minutes each about their

projects.  We  discuss  the  projects over soup, and then vote for the
most worthy or inspiring project -and the winner takes the door money.

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