Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Lecanora dispersa

Hello to my one fan out there. Sorry I have been getting a bit behind with this Lichens of Settle Series.
So I nipped outside the house and had a look on the house wall - limestone blocks with sandstone round the windows:  west facing so pretty dry.

The wall all look grey -both sandstone and limestone - but close inspection shows there is quite a lot of Lecanora dispersa. (This is an aggregate group). It is very common, and stands up to pollution.

You can see the little "jam tarts" about 1/2 mm across with a dark centre and white rim. In this example case they are indeed dispersed over quite a big area where lime rich water has drained onto the sandstone vertical "sill".

Usually I have seen them more clustered than that.

I found some on a ground level gravestone at Ingleton (see the end of that post)

Actually, now that I have been on a more advanced lichens course I wonder if I should check the identification by doing chemical tests and cutting sections of the reproductive bodies.. Maybe another day.
This is Lecanora dispersa at Inlgeton churchyard

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