Wednesday 14 July 2021

Settle Wildflowers - Day 118 - St John's Methodist Church surrounding tarmac yards - 28 wild plants in flower

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"The Preacher" -
The church's
to Settle
Flower Pot Festival

St John's Church - Settle Methodist Church -  surrounded 

by tarmac and small flower bed, and hedge between the church and next house -

does not look very promising for wildflowers.

However In October 2020 I recorded 12 species in flower  - Settle Wildflowers - Day 92 -

Herb Robert and Greater Bindweed
next to the planted Rose in the flower bed

Today 13 July in the afternoon sun I have a look round.  

I find 28 species in flower and name three more not in flower.

Not bad!

First, Mary the neighbour who looks after the borders at the entrance so well, shows me a green shield bug she has found that flew in through her open window.

This in fact is the Common Green Shield Bug, Palomena prasina, about 1 cm long

You can see it has two big compound eyes, then more centrally two simply eyes.

1. I visit the church flower bed (See Mary's car in background)

This Pendulous Sedge (Carex pendula)  is a wild species, though probably planted here initially 

In the flowerbed, Greater Bindweed grows amongst the planted buddleia

Creeping Buttercup

Petty Spurge - Euphorbia peplus - a tiny garden weed beside the flower bed

2. Next the hedge between the Church and the bungalow to the south

Wall Lettuce - Mycelis muralis

Wall Lettuce
Wood Aven or Herb Bennet
Wood Aven fruit

Shining Crane's-bill Geranium lucidum
Shining Crane's-bill

Goose-grass - aka Cleavers - aka Sticky Willy -
Cruciatum laevipes

3. In the yard

Procumbent Pearlwort - Sagina nodosa 

The Marmalade Hoverfly Episyrphus balteatus
on White Stonecrop - Sedum album.

Records indicate that it may be the commonest and most widespread hoverfly in Britain.

Foxglove Digitalis purpurea

Foxglove at the foot of the cross

4.In the gravel strip between the worship room and the wall of the neighbours to the south

One of five species of willow herb - this one is potentially  Hairy Willowherb

Dandelion head


Ragwort close-up

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Species found on the church grounds:- Mostly in July 2021.

Note this number has probably been reduced by a third in 2023 as the tarmac area around the shed and the gravel area between the church and the neighbours wall have been converted into the ecogarden and we had a drought in August 2022

Annual Meadow-grass
Yorkshire Fog (grass)
Pendulous Sedge

Petty Spurge

Great Bindweed

Wood Aven (Herb Bennet)


Welsh Poppy

Green Alkanet



White Stonecrop

Herb Robert
Shining Cranesbill

Soft Sow Thistle
Wall Lettuce


Creeping Buttercup

Rosebay Willowherb
Broadleaved Willowherb
New Zealand Willowherb
Great Willowherb (Codlins and Cream) upper leaves opposite
Hoary Willowherb - upper leaves alternate
A.n. other Willowherb


Nettle - not in flower
Buddleia -  not in flower growing as wild

Strawberry -  not in flower
Ivy -  Not in flower


And for the record, just round the corner at the corner of the Manse, the Aethusa cynapium is growing and just coming out into flower.

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