Monday 10 June 2024

30 Days Wild - 7 June 2024: - Inaugural Saturday Settle to Clitheroe Rail Trip.

Saturday 7 June: was a trip on the first day of service of the new Saturday Trains - Settle - to Clitheroe...

and Manchester. (Or from the other point of view, Rochdale and Manchester to the Yorkshire Dales and to the Settle Carlisle Line.)

At Settle Station on Sat 7th June 2024.
The train is approaching from the Ribblehead direction

He highest point of my visit to Clitheroe - the Norman Keep of the Castle - The Keep of Norman origins built on the limestone  outcrop which rises 39 metres (128 ft) above the surrounding land

The rest of the pictures are lower down, and will be finished later.


I went with a group of c. 9 people from Action on Climate Emergency Settle (ACE) by Train to Clitheroe to meet "sister group" Ribble Valley Climate Action Network (RVCAN)

The journey on the train across the border to Lancashire took exactly 30 minutes.

We were given a goody pack on the train by Northern containing a plastic water-bottle some sweets and a biscuit to celebrate the first day of the service.

The sun shone to give good views across the Ribble Valley and acriss the road from Long Preston to Guisburn that several of has have driven on in the past... Views to Ingleborough, to Pendle Hill, and to lots and lots and lots of drumlins.

What would we see at Clitheroe when we got there? We had two hours free before our meeting.
I set off for the Castle.

Here is a list of the things I did:
1. Visited the extensive park.
2. Visited the annual Barbecue day organised by Clitheroe Churches
3. Ascended the adjacent hill up via an "amphitheatre up to the Keep.
4. Walked round the walls: tremendous views
5. Visited the inside of the keep
6. Found the wildflower "Pelitory of the wall" on the Limestone rock
and wall on which the Keep is built.
This plant does not grow in Settle. (It grows on the UK coast and is much more common inland in the area to the south of us)
7. Tried the children's things which did not work below the keep.
8. Visited the Clitheroe Museum
9. Walked down the high street which was being dug up
10 Visited a shop which sold "Smelly" "Ethnic" crafty things.
11. Arrived at the Library and attended our meeting
12. Had a look at the exhibition in the library about Clitheroe wells

And caught the train back!!

Some people had chosen to arrive or depart using the bus and enjoy the scenic 1 and a quarter hour scenic ride.

At Settle Station.
The train is approaching from the Ribblehead direction.
See Penyghent in the distance
On the train

On the train

Complimentary gifts in
honour of the first day of this service

View from the window

Churches Barbecue day in Clitheroe Park

Amphitheatre.. well, open air theatre on slope.

View from the wall around the keep.. continues round for 360 degrees..

Wall lettuce and top right Pellitory of the Wall

Pellitory of the Wall

Pellitory of the Wall

Pellitory of the Wall

Pellitory of the Wall

Inside the Keep

Moss:- Syntrichium sp, maybe intermedia - Intermediate screw moss

Some people used the bus to either go or come back from Clitheroe - I am told it is a very scenic route, but takes considerably longer (maybe one and a quarter hours), visiting villages en route.

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