Friday, 1 June 2018

25 years of Ingleborough NNR - 35 Years of Craven Conservation Group - 30 Days Wild -

An exhibition celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Ingleborough National Nature Reserve is on show at Ingleton Community Centre 1 June - 22 June.
 Natural England (the current name of the government organisation that deals with nature) set it up yesterday 31 May . They invited other Nature groups to put up exhibitions too - including Craven Conservation Group. See it on the right here.

It's 25 years since Prince Charles came and opened the land as an NNR, at the Field above the Hill Inn -. though there had been three smaller NCC reserves there in the past. 

(There are also exhibitions by Stories in Stone, Ingleborough Archaeology Group, YWT,)

Perhaps I should make a big sign " Craven Conservation Group - 35th Anniversary".. to put over our exhibition.. .. or shall I just leave it with the big notice being
Because over the month of June we are all encouraged by the Wildlife Trusts to spend some time each day outside, - See my day 1 here.

Either way, do call in at the Exhibition Room at Ingleton Community Centre.

You can also pick up leaflets about Craven Conservation Group coming events..(23 June and 30 June) and see if you can recognise the 10 wild flowers displays in pots on our table.

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