Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Hospital chaplains and Prayer Rooms

Tue 7 April

In the early evening I went to Harrogate Hospital to visit my Mother who is there because of her broken hip. She broke it a fortnight ago.

Whilst I was there Graham Sturdy came to visit her - the Minister from her church in Ripon. It really perked her up.

If Mum was to be in hospital over Easter I wondered if she would be able to go to a service on Easter Sunday. He suggested I leave a message for the hospital chaplain. (I had seen a palm cross and a card on her table so presumably the chaplain had been to visit her )

Later that evening I asked where the prayer room was and wandered down there.
It was a peaceful place, and a sat there a short while, and appreciated it. It was a different place to go within the hospital.

I value the hospital chaplains. I am just saying this here, because this morning I heard on Radio 4 a man saying that the hospitals should not pay for chaplains. Well I am pleased the chaplains are there.

Greenery at the hospital.

My mother has a bed next to the window which is nice because it gets lots of sun. However it just looks on to another anonymous wing of the hospital so she cannot see "green hills" or even green trees. However if you go to the window and look straight down there is an area planted with bushes below... and as it is still only April they are not green yet.. The bunch of daffodils from my neghbour's garden and from Settle market, and other flowers on the windowsill make a difference.

First Aid Course

Must dash. I I have the privilege of attending a day First Aid Course up at Malham Tarn Field Centre - I will be teaching some courses there later this year.

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