Thursday 28 July 2022

Climate Walk at Malham Tarn on the 1st of the Month - 1 August 2022

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 Celebrate Yorkshire Day by coming on the

Mon 1 Aug: Walk

2-5pm - at hillside above, and fen boardwalk at

Malham Tarn

With local botanist & former MTFC tutor Dr Judith Allinson, & members of Craven Conservation Group  &  Churches Together in Settle & District

Meet at the Quarry Car Park SD883671 

 info:  01729 822138  or  Transport leaving Settle Methodist Church at 1.30pm can be arranged if you book 

Grass of Parnassus

(Lifts by arrangement from Settle leaving at 1.30pm - details 01729 822138)

Why is Malham Tarn a Site of Special Scientific Interest?
What did Darwin say after visiting Malham Tarn area?
What did Ruskin say after visiting Malham Tarn area?
Where were the bones of five people dug up in the 1980s?
Will we see over 8 lizards as the group did last month?
How deep is the peat bog?
How deep is the Tarn?
What are the names of the wild flowers found in the limestone pasture?
Will we find the beautiful "Grass of Parnassus", the Devil's-bit Scabious and the Marsh Cinquefoil?

This walk led by local botanist Judith Allinson of
Churches Together in Settle and District and of
Craven Conservation Group
is organised by these two organisations and is open to all members of the public

All welcome.

This walk will celebrate and highlight many points:-

1. Malham Tarn is a Site of special Scientific Interest.
2. It is the 1st day of the month. We go for a "Climate Walk on the 1st day of the month"
3. It is Yorkshire Day - 1st August.
4. 8 days earlier was International Bog Day (the 4th Sunday in July)-
5. 1. The stunning views of the fen, the bog and the Tarn seen from the field above the Tarn

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