Friday, 1 May 2009

Green Trees from hospital window

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Happy May Day.

I am still visiting my mother in Harrogate Hospital. She has been in hospital a month now and has been missing seeing all the trees come into leaf, and missing the spring flowers.

On Monday she was moved from the room for six that had no view at all except for two tiny high up windows which overlooked a brick wall, into a single room that has a relatively large window with a view onto young horse chestnut trees - and if you could see beyond these there is the Stray beyond (mown grassland with trees inside Harrogate). I was so pleased she has a view of green trees, and the sky and clouds and sun. (Even though she was only moved here because she now has hospital diarrhea). The nurses are nice.

Research has shown that people get better quicker if they can see green natural environments.

On Wednesday I also had the good news that her (now my) 15 year old car which I drive passed its MOT test. What a relief. I dreaded it failing. But it passed. So I can continue to use it to go and visit her. Not very good for the CO2 this driving though.

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