Monday, 3 August 2009

Jungle Jamboree

The theme of the children's holiday club which will be held at St John's Church Hall next week (10-13 Aug) is "We're going on a Jungle Jamboree" children from anywhere in the area - even on holiday - are welcome.

I think the theme is to act out some adventures in the jungle and play some games related to this and to have some bible stories relevant to the adventures.

I am sure the children will enjoy playing at being in a jungle

Although they will be doing most of the decorations in the "Primary Room" of the church hall, it would be good if I could update the notice board in the main hall. Must think about that.
I suppose the easiest thing is to make a lot of leaves with long tips that allow the rain to run off them..

Last week I attended a barbecue with friends who have worked a lot in Borneo. They pointed out that although, from the air, in places there seems a lot of forest, much of it is Secondary Forest, that has regrown after the primary forest is cut down.. You can tell if you are in Primary Forest because there is very little undergrowth and it is easy to walk through it. When the forest is cut down and regrows again there is light and much more undergrowth- and that is when it become impenetrable jungle..

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